Pui Yi: The EUBET Brand Ambassador

The gorgeous Pui Yi is the iconic Malaysian beauty. She started her career as a freelance model and climbed the ladder of success from there. The 23-year-old has 15.6 million followers on Instagram with blooming fame on Tiktok. She has built her social media profile by depicting her talent, personal life, goals, and plans. The influencer is gaining popularity across the world, but these facts have only enhanced her humility and motivated her to work even harder than before. Let us glance at the achievements and the successful career of our ambassador Pui Yi.

Early Career

Pui Yi started her journey as a model at a very young age. She did numerous photoshoots for magazines and had modeling gigs. At the age of 18, she gained an image in the public eye. She was noticeable since the beginning of her career, but the late teenage years proved to be a turnaround. The freelance modeling shoots turned into potential gigs that had monetary value and slowly gained and explored more in her modeling career. These jobs helped her with the huge reputation that she now holds in the industry.

At the age of fifteen, she began the struggle of her career. Afterward, she went on to the music video shoots where her charm was too perpetual not to intrigue the viewers. Talent is the gift of nature for her, and she has ensured that she keeps it polished according to the fast-pacing world. Ms Pui Yi is one of the few people who realize their predispositions and talents at a very young age. Such people pursue these ambitions without wasting any time. Therefore, the chances of their success are higher than the average individuals. The early life struggles of the top Asian Instagrammer have laid the foundation of her current successful and stable lifestyle.

The Social Handles

Today Pui Yi is known as a social media influencer. Instagram and TikTok used to be her primary source of self-expression. However, later she ventured onto Only Fans. On all these socials, the influencer practices what she believes. The self-assurance motivates her to give a glimpse of her life to her fans. The has acquired millions of fan bases on all these handles and continues to progress with each passing day.

With 1.1 million followers on TikTok, she is updating and reinventing her content every day. On Instagram, she portrays the picture of her everyday life. Keeping up with the gram, she posts the bits of her day and the places she visits. Her audience has a thorough experience of the famous locations and cuisines by watching her stories. Her posts are the epitome of female encouragement and owning one's body. She consistently reviews products on Instagram from the PR packages. Her reviews are brief and an accurate depiction of the unanimous judgment. She provides reliable opinions which people can incorporate into their lives.

Her Facebook account has a total of 448k followers. She constantly updates her Facebook profile to keep her fans in the loop with her other social media.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

The Asian sensation has a net worth of more than $3 million. Her primary source of income is the Only Fans account and the cosmetic brand that she has recently launched by giving in to the entrepreneurial spirit. The cosmetic brand of the successful women entrepreneur is known as MSPUIYI Cosmetics and Kiseki Skincare. Both have gained spontaneous momentum and are thriving in the market. So far, she is selling the lip gloss range in both glossy and matte categories. The brands also incorporate the necessity of female skincare and the maintenance of the appearance. Two regimes that are very important to Ms Pui Yi and her career paths. The products have shown promising results and hence are crafting their mark on the market. For now, the market segment for the product lies in Malaysia. However, utilizing ambition and iron will, Pui Yi can promote the brand on an international scale.


The rising social media star has won the International Asia Wang Hog Award in Shanghai, China. It was an acknowledgment of her undefeated spirit and constant diligent work. She grabbed the title of Asia's top influencer, and she is living up to the reputation. Her popularity has significantly boosted all across southeast Asia. According to the latest statistical data, Pui Yi will be one of the highest-paid social media influencers across Asia in 2021.

Only Fans

The Only Fans content creator charges more than $30 for the first 30 days. The rates increase with the duration of the package. On the annual packages, users can avail themselves of the discount of 45%. Ms. Pui Yi's Only Fans have gained an enormous amount of audience over the last few months. The content on the account is unique and appeals to the audience completely. Ms. Pui Yi's, Only Fans are the major component of her financial stability. She can now embark on progressive ventures through stable finances and focus on other aspects of her life. The Malaysian icon has a YouTube channel that currently has more than 126k subscribers. On her channel, known as "My working routine," she posts videos focused on her workouts and social life. She also posts vlogs, makeup tutorials, and glam videos. Along with her other social media posts, the YouTube videos have also significantly contributed to her fame.


If you are an Asian searching for a legit online gambling platform, you do not have to go through strenuous research before you find it. The lucky Asians are being bestowed with the highly reliable online casino known as EUBet Asia. The platform is gaining momentum with each passing day.

Players from across Asia are highly bent to use it and put value to their bets. EUBet respects the enthusiasm of its users and strives to provide them with quality services at each step. It continues to revise its features and update them to enhance player engagement. To pursue these endeavors, EUBet Asia has decided to partner with sensational Pui Yi. Before we further dig into the partnership and its perks, let us understand some of the features of EUBet.

Online Casino

Online casinos have gained popularity all over Asia the last few years. They have made gambling accessible globally. EUBet ensures that the Asians are not left behind in the race, so it does the deed for the Asians. With the help of software, the companies assure that the gambling processes remain secure and fair. With the wide range of games and rewards and bonuses at the end of each round, the players are becoming highly inclined towards EUBet. The options for deposing the preferred currency and the method allows people of all kinds to benefit from the luxuries of the games. The minimum limit for the deposit also suits the user's budget.

EUBet Features

Through EUBet, you can access the offshore casinos and have a smooth and relaxing gambling experience. Its partnership with licensed gaming platforms enables users to have a diverse and convenient gaming experience. With this approach, EUBet does not limit the users and its prospects. Players can enjoy their time and learn about the difference between various games and the global popularity of each game. The facts help them identify their ever-changing interests and dispositions. Therefore, with the help of offshore casinos, EUBet provides its players the opportunity for growth.

Opening the Account

After you have selected the casino, you must open your account and deposit the cash. Once you have successfully transferred the amount, you will get an email notification that will stand as an assurance of your deposit. Under some circumstances, you may have to verify your documents. All these steps are necessary for the casinos to ascertain that neither of the parties is a scam. With the funds in your account, you can play at multiple casinos and receive your winnings.

Welcome Bonuses

Some casinos at the site also offer you welcome bonuses. Through these, you can have a high probability of winning the game. The online casino also consistently provides bonuses and rewards to their existing players. For the newbies, these casinos have the option of 'play for free' on multiple games. By utilizing this feature, you can learn how to play without putting the money at stake. Take advantage of these options and polish your skills. These steps will lead you on the journey of becoming an exceptional punter.

Slots Online

EUBet has a range of online slots available. The diverse amount of slot machines grips the user's attention. Online slots have simple and more exciting gameplay. They provide features according to the level of each player. Therefore, even newbies can find an appropriate slot online on the website. Once they do, they can utilize their skills and strategies and gather their winnings. The slots online on the EUBet website provide a secure and quick gaming opportunity. Without any hassle, they take you directly to the lobby, where you can engage in the gameplay.

Like the real-time slots in casinos, the slots online are also infused with a rich experience. The only fact that plays a significant role in determining the fate of a player is luck. Therefore, no tactics and tricks can help players mess with the game servers or hack them. These attempts go in vain, and on certain occasions, users have also been reported to have lost access to the slots. Every slot game available online has unique options. The diverse range of features helps users learn all the aspects of a slot game and devise strategies accordingly.

The Available Slot Online Games

Following are some of the popular slot online games available on EUBet.


One of the most popular online casino games and slots is Mega888. In Asian countries such as Malaysia and Singapore, the game has become a sensation among the players. It has a highly reliable and instant payout route. The game has an appealing user interface. With Mega888, playing slot games has never been more fun. The newbies can instantly know the features of the game and master the winning strategies. Furthermore, the community interaction allows the player to witness each other's skills and learn from them. The rules of the game are self-explanatory, but the players can seek guidance from customer care.

The graphics of the game are one of its most astonishing features. The disguise is so powerful that the players have difficulty absorbing the fact that it is not real-time. It provides fast transactions and free chips along with bonuses that keep the players motivated. With every new promotional feature, the players can get new chips. It also offers big prizes to the winners. These are some factors that have contributed to the fame of this game. With online casino gaming, people are often held back with reservations. The persistent feeling of getting scammed can overwhelm them and they end up doubting their decision for his experience. In Mega888, every step happens in real-time and users can observe each move. Therefore, they do not feel insecure, and the chances of getting scammed become negligible.

The game is available on the app and play store. It has the potential to draw players towards online casinos. It builds the trust of its users and provides for them on every milestone. Once the user has accessed the game, the UI and the features are sufficient to turn the players into long-term customers. Therefore, the fan base of the game is increasing progressively.


Blackjack, the renowned casino game among the players, is also available in the online versions. The game is also known as twenty-one or pontoon. In the game, typical cards are used for gambling. You can play Blackjack once you have registered your account. Afterward, you will have to prove that you belong to the legal age of 21 or 18+ years. Once you select the casino that suits your style and budget or provides you with interesting joining offers, you can proceed with the game. It is ideally a plus point for beginners if they are familiar with the terminologies used in the game. In this way, they can progress in the game without any impediment.

Every online casino available offers a different type of Blackjack to the payers. Thus, it is necessary to know about the basic types and the difference between each of them.

Following are some of the types of Blackjack available at EUBet:

  • Classical Blackjack
  • Progressive Blackjack
  • Single deck blackjack
  • Blackjack switch
  • Multiband Blackjack

The bets are placed before the game begins. The cards are distributed among the players and there is one card with a face-up known as the dealer's card. At the end of each round, the dealer is responsible for collecting the lost bets and sanctioning them into the winnings section.

The rules of Blackjack may also vary according to the selected online casino. Newbies should educate themselves on the basic rules and regulations of the game. Furthermore, the online casinos have also provided tutorial guides to the players. These can help players develop a basic understanding. The mastery of the game is acquired through experience. So, play in multiple casinos and scrutinize the moves of the fellow players. The assessment allows you to get game intelligence and equip yourself with better strategies every time you play.


EUBet also has a range of sportsbooks. M8 Sports, S-Sports, and CMD368 are some of them.


CMD368 is one of the most certain bookmakers operating in Asia. The betting site was licensed in 2013 and, since then, it has been operating legally. It provides booking and live bets for most of the esports competitions across the world. Since its formation, the traffic of the players has been hefty. It has a simple, professional, and accessible UI. You can view all the matches and leagues related to various sports by navigating through the site. It also offers you the language of your preference and works on any browser available.

You have to set up your account on the website. After you log in, you can view the latest tournament updates and stats. Through this data, you will get an idea of the position of each team. It helps you in the bet and reduces the odds of loss.

CM368 also offers instant deposit and withdrawal options. You can immediately get access to the transaction amounts. The measures help the company build user trust and enhance its value in the market. Customer support is also available 24/7. The website features are self-explanatory but, in case of any ambiguity, you can contact customer care.

The Online Casino: Benefits

Following are some of the benefits of being a player at an online casino:

  • In the online mode, the players have the comfort of their homes. They are accustomed to their environment and thus have a better chance at accomplishing their goals in the game.
  • Players do not have to go across the cities and find a casino of their preference. With some research on the website, they can find the appropriate casino with the preferred slots and games.
  • With the online casino, most newbies can learn and grow at their own pace. The live casino environment can be overwhelming for some players. Hence such players can be consumed by the complex of not being good enough.
  • The wide range of casinos available can enhance the player's experience and interaction in the community.
  • The games have diverse rules, and each casino customizes the regulations accordingly. By playing under such circumstances, users can devise the strategies according to the rules. The practice not only sharpens the player's skills but also boosts their self-confidence.
  • The players can observe and study the moves of other players. They have plenty of time to analyze the strategies used by other players and learn from them.
  • Online casinos provide instant transactions. Users can deposit the amount and withdraw it whenever they require. The maximum time frame is five to fifteen minutes until the transaction.
  • Online casinos are an amalgamation of millions of games and slots. Therefore, users have ample opportunity to play around and check their compatibility with multiple games.
  • Without worrying about the physical aspects of a live presence, users can focus not only on their gameplay but can also manipulate it to attain success.
  • The servers of the gaming sites are reliable and trustworthy. They cannot be messed up and transformed even when the users attempt to trick them.

The Collaboration

When two inspiring and startling online brands join hands together, the results can blast off the internet. It was Pui Yi's striking career that motivated the EU bet to collaborate with her. The achievements such as being Asia's top influencer, a self-made entrepreneur, and an Only Fans content creator were the silver lining for EUBet. The company signed the deal with Piu Yi on November 8th, 2021. It was the day of felicity and the harbinger of the upcoming prosperity for both parties. All the people involved were extremely joyous to witness this moment of success. By having an accomplished lady as a brand ambassador EUBet can only seek a way towards progress. EUBet being Asia's top online casino site and with Ms Pui Yi being an Asian sensation were the matches made in heaven. The meant to be a pair will be benefiting each other in the future.

Ms Pui Yi and her presence on social media platforms are a guaranteed way to bring traffic to EU Bet. The charm of the top Instagrammer will be sufficient to enhance the value of the EU Bet company. Both EU Bet and Pui Yi are excited to procure advantages from this collaboration. It is an honor of EU Bet Asia to have a successful women entrepreneur as an ambassador. With this in mind, the company strives to keep up with the achievements of its ambassador and create a growing atmosphere for each other.

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